Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back in September.....

My parents came to visit. They went on a road trip to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. While they were her we went to an Edmonton Capitols baseball game. The plan was for me to ride back to Nebraska with them so I could fly out of Omaha to go to Houston.

Their trip was cut a bit short because I was offered a position teaching part time for a university here in Edmonton (I will do a separate post about this later). In order to start teaching I had to go down to the border, get a work permit and then back up to a city about 2 hours over the border to get my social insurance number. So, while Jason and I went down to the border to take care of my work permit 'stuff', my parents headed to Glacier National Park. Jason and I met them there a day later so I could ride back with them.Izzy even got to go.I spent about a week in Nebraska and then I headed to Houston to see my cousin/friend/former roommate. Emily and Rich are getting married in April in Denison, Iowa. We had such a great time catching up, shopping and more shopping. I miss her terribly!!!!

I also went to Galveston while I was there, just to go to the beach.
After a week in Houston, I headed to Vegas to meet Jennifer, my other cousin/friend/former roommate. We also had a fabulous time. We went to a Cher concert and to Mystere.
Now I am back in Edmonton and wondering where September went. I'm also preparing myself for the long winter ahead. Until next time....

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