Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great Falls Easter

Jason here.

I took a trip down to Great Falls for Easter. It's very nice weather, and it was just mom and I the first couple days since dad was doing a guy trip to Oregon - he gets back tonight.

So mom and I went for a walk on the ol' River Edge trail in Great Falls with Charlie. Jessie had to stay because it was too hot and too long.

This is the same route Lewis and Clark took on their way through and it runs along the river where the big waterfalls, now dammed, are.

We spent a lot of time on these trails when I was a kid. The dams are huge!

There are five of them in and around here, but only two you can get to by walking. We also went to the fish hatchery where they breed trout so you people can catch something every once in a while.

Mom also spotted what we think is a beaver. Although it was very light coloured. Tonight we're watching the final Oiler game and eating steak.

I will drive back to Edmonton tomorrow since i have to work Monday.

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  1. I have seen that beaver all the over the place lately