Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oilers last gasp

Well, it's over.

I saw four Oiler games in person since I have been here and they lost three of them. Just enough to slide their way from a comfy 7th to 11th and out of the playoff picture for the third year in a row.

Dave Embury let us (my friend Bill and I) use his gold seats for the LA game, which the Oilers lost and were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

With these seats you can go down where the players come out and cheer, or jeer I guess, the Oilers on. It was pretty sweet the first time I went down there.

This was before the biggest game of the season, which the Oilers promptly gave up two quick ones and couldn't mount a come back.

The city is disappointed and down-trodden. Now the two-month long playoffs are even more agaonizing without anyone to cheer for and Eskimo season is still almost three months away.

It sucks.

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