Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend with the Petersons

To pass some time on Saturday I was invited to see Scott Peterson's (Guy I play baseball with) dynamic duo of Blaze and Jaxyn and their season opening ball hockey games. Both teams earned wins, notching half of last season's total, Scott said. (Blaze's team went winless with one tie, while Jaxyn's team only won 4-5 games. Things are looking up in '09!

Jaxyn's team, the Atom Flyers, won a tight-checking tilt 3-1 over the Kings, while Blaze's bunch, the novice Oilers, kicked the crap out of the Red Wings 12-0. Ethan Moreau's kid plays with Blaze - for you AMEriCANS, Moreau is the captain of the Edmonton Oilers.

Blaze's team scored in the first minute of the game, which prompted Jaxyn to mumble, "Too bad the real Oilers aren't this good."

In between games we went to Wendy's for lunch. Blaze tried his best to do an impression of how I sounded when I tried to pull a prank call on Scott last week - "Hello, is Wang there?"

In Blaze's game, the young lad had a couple golden chances, and despite a struggling tender, he couldn't pot a goal. The goalie made his best save of the day on Blaze of course - tough luck - in the video. Blaze is still looking for his first twine-bender of his career, but he's working hard. He had two assists in the game Saturday.

After lunch at Wendy's and Blaze's game, we went home and hung out in Leduc. Blaze and I played some Wii Hockey and he showed me his Oiler statues. Then we had pizza and watched the Oilers beat the Canucks 5-3. What a night.

Here's Blaze playing some Wii Hockey NHL2K9:


  1. Whos video camera are you using?

  2. Flip Video. Amanda bought it. Left it here.